About Us

Do you hate making lunch for your kids every day? 
Do you live in fear of rejection from your own child? 
How gross is their lunch box after they come home from school? 
Amiright? Are you tired of studying Pinterest ideas for turkey roll-ups only to find yourself defaulting to a bag of potato chips every day? 
It doesn’t. Have. To be. This way. 
Imagine a world where feeding our kids nourishing, locally-crafted, artisan meals is convenient and time-saving. Further, by creatively integrating fun and unique characters & stories into the meals, your kids will be more curious and more courageous eaters. That world is Lunch Bunch. As parents and caregivers, we know that fueling our future heroes gives them the best chance to be all they can be… to nourish their genius and help you enjoy yours

Our Story

It was a typical crazy morning at our house – we got up later than planned, our two year old had gotten into the Desitin and put it all over her face and hair, our five year old refused to get dressed… and of course, lunches were not packed. I stepped outside to grab my wife’s daily subscription meal delivery – and I looked into my other hand…I had unknowingly grabbed my son’s empty lunch box. Just then it hit me – why are my wife and I making our daily meals so easy, so convenient… and not applying the same thinking to our kids’ lunches? Why are we stressing over the shopping, prepping, packing, and cleaning of their lunches (not to mention the fact that they never eat them!)… we could solve that issue the same way we solve ours! 
So we set out to see what was out there. We looked for high quality food that was fresh and never frozen… lunches that could be sent out with our kids to weather the full day of school and still be delicious… meals with a versatile array of options to keep our somewhat picky son and somewhat adventurous daughter (creative ideas to get them to try new things or even eat at all are welcome!) engaged… and all with the convenience of home or school delivery. We couldn’t wait to sift through the countless options we would surely find – given how universal packing your kids lunch is a stress point for families, there would be millions, right? 
Much to our shock, there was nothing that truly satisfied what we were on the hunt for. So, already being a two-time entrepreneur (Coolhaus and Future Gin), I decided to create the product, brand and vision I wanted to see for myself. That’s why I created Lunch Bunch – creative (more on the characters later!), local and chef-made, premium food your kids will love delivered to your home and school to take the stress off of your plate… just like I did off mine! I hope you try it today… it’s truly ‘Beyond the Box

- Natasha Case, CEO & Founder

Lunch Bunch