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Inspiring curiosity and courage with creative kids lunches, conveniently delivered to your home or school.

Creative Meals Kids Love

Made for kids ages 3-10, our meals are nutritious, creative and fun to eat. Plant-based, gluten-free and dairy-free options always available.

  • Turkey Hot Dog

    Turkey Hot Dog

    Nitrate-free turkey hot dog with a ketchup dipper (no high fructose corn syrup!), served with a zucchini chocolate chip cookie and seasonal fruits & veggies.

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How it Works

1. Choose your flexible weekly subscription plan & pick your meals

2. Get ready-to-eat meals hand-delivered to home or school

3. Toss the meal right into a lunch box or enjoy at home!

Reviews From Our Bunch

My daughter is always very excited about the designs and loves the fruit and vegetable sides.

Jenn - El Segundo

Loved the designs, the healthiness of the meals, and the breakfast option! Its great to have for weekends when I don’t have time to cook before baseball practice.

Rene - Venice

All the other moms are asking me how I do it!

Jessica - Palms

Loved the creative look of the meals! They were so cute and a definite motivator for eating.

Mark - Los Angeles

My daughter finished everything and her openness to try everything was amazing!

Clara - Venice

My son loved the sandwiches and how different elements were used to achieve the design ie: tortilla and cheese. There’s nothing he doesn’t love about it.

Kelly - Culver City

Loved the designs! They were very cute. Also love that the boxes are as healthy as possible (wheat bread, fruit/veggie sides, etc

Mel - Redondo Beach
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