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What We're All About

Clean ingredients, great nutrition, saving time, and some serious fun with food!

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If you’ve been battling the "lunchtime scaries" and struggling come up with well-balanced meals that your kids will actually eat, Lunch Bunch is here to help!

We have your "secret recipe" for getting kids to eat a wide variety of nutritious foods, learn to love new tastes and textures, all with no extra work for you!

The Secret Sauce

As parents, we have looked everywhere for inspiration on how make lunchtime, healthy and fun. Through our journey creating Lunch Bunch, we've learned a lot and realized a few key things about feeding kids we're proud to be able to provide for you.

• Food should be easy to eat!
• Small portions matter so kids are not intimidated or unable to finish their meal.

• Fresh ingredients and great nutrition are essential for kids to have the right stuff to get through their days.

• Meals should creative, fun, and exciting! It's a surefire way to get kids to try something new.

• Introducing foods a child doesn’t necessarily like in fun new ways will help them get rid of picky-eating habits.

Our Mission

By creating well-balanced, seriously fun meals for kids and eliminating the need for busy parents to have to make them, our mission is to make Lunch Bunch your “secret recipe” to saving time and removing stress from your day.

Our commitment to working with clean ingredients and creating highly nutritious lunches means that you can rest assured your children are getting the healthy foods they need in a new, creative way.

A Story in Every Bite

With creative designs and custom characters your kids will love in every meal, Lunch Bunch will help ensure that your kids actually eat their lunch every time.

You’ll never have to resort to a freezer-burnt package of chicken nuggets or cooking separate meals for everyone in the family. Lunch Bunch is your solution for every meal time dilemma.

Lunch Bunch Promise

Our fresh, locally-prepared meals are created by expert chefs, nutritionist approved, and ready-to-eat right when they arrive at your door!

Lunch Bunch is always:

• Made with locally sourced real food ingredients
• Designed to be eaten without the need for additional cooking or heating and last in the fridge for up to 5 days after delivery.
• Healthy, balanced, and customizable for dietary restrictions and made allergen-friendly.
• Delivered weekly with just the right amount of meals you need.